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Multi-Port Charging Station

Unique, like a UFO The ergonomic, round, and UFO-like design stops electromagnetic interference through the charging station, so you can easily plug-in multiple devices at the same time.

The convenience of charging 6 devices at once Going on a long trip? No longer worry about which device to charge first. With its 6 ports, you can not only charge all your devices but can spare some for your companions, too. The station has 4 USB Ports, Rapid Charge 3.0 Port, and 1 Type-C port. Time to abandon the extra weight of multiple chargers!

Smart meets Innovative Charge your tablet and phone simultaneously without having to worry about which port to plug the devices into. With a total output of 12A/ 60W, the smart charging circuit can charge your devices with the fastest charging speed supported by your device.

4 X faster charging The Rapid Charge 3.0 port, and Type-C Power Delivery ports are designed to charge your devices up to 4 X faster than conventional chargers. Pick up the UFO Pro and ditch the hassle of multiple chargers, with its universal compatibility with all wall sockets. Stop waiting, and get kicking.

Intelligent Protection Trust in technology that is designed to protect- The UFO Pro comes with Overcurrent, Overvoltage, and Overcharge protection. Its advanced, imported circuit protection chip-set prevents overcharging of your devices and cuts off automatically when it gets charged.

12 Months Warranty.

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