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There are some commonly observed problems with this device. It is also noticed that everyone does not know how to find the best iPhone repair services in Delhi at a cost effective price.

  1. The Camera is not working
    Your iphone camera will not work if you have any restrictions that are enabled. You can check this by navigating through settings – general instructions and turn on the camera. Most of the camera problems will be solved by us.

  2. Iphone is stuck at Apple Logo
    One of the most common problems that a large number of iphone users have to deal with is the iPhone is stuck at apple logo issue. Fortunately a force restart mainly works in fixing this problem. So if your Smartphone ever runs into it, hard reset your device.
  3. Data loss
    This is another common issue witnessed by iphone users. In case the users have an icloud backup, then this problem will get solved within a matter of a few minutes. The users will be required to sync their device to icloud, so that iphone data gets restored.
  4. Iphone App freezing/ crashing randomly
    Most of the time lack of space in the device makes the app to behave abruptly. Generally iphone users overload their device with a hundreds of music, photos or videos that cripple the storage space. Apps keep crashing as there is not enough space to perform their tasks. Also a poor mobile network or wi-fi does not let the apps to launch properly.
  5. 5. Wi-Fi does not get connected easily.
    The initial solution is to restart your iphone and check the Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that the router is working fine and is updated to latest firmware. It should also support apple product. If the problem is not resolved attempting ‘Reset Network Setting’ under iphone settings. If you encountered any iPhone data loss issue and were unable to fix it you can use stellar data recovery for iPhone to recover missing or deleted contacts, messages, calendars, photos videos, call history etc.
  6. Broken screen 
    The screen of the iphone gets cracked when it falls accidentally and the broken screen may interrupt the view while watching any videos. This is common issue needs to be professionally addressed by getting in touch with iphone repair experts like kaamfix.com
  7. Battery drain
    iphone battery drain can be caused by a variety of factors. You can avoid battery drain by stopping unnecessary background processes, reducing screen brightness and disabling power hungry features.
  8. Defective volume button.
    One of the worse problems an iphone user can encounter is a stuck volume key. You would not be able to make the most of your smartphone without the controls working. We have come up with these awesome hacks and strategies to help you fix the problem of iphone volume button not working.