How much cost to repair the Vivo Y72 display screen in Delhi?

The cost to repair your Vivo Y72 screen whole depends on the technique you decide on to mend it up. A few of the strategies are like obtaining it mounted from an approved Vivo service center saitelecom( fix-it shop in your area or try and do it yourself.

Vivo approved Service Center in Delhi Saitelecom(

  • the first possibility is to travel to approved Vivo service center. they’ll charge a hefty quantity on a similar, however this can guarantee 100 percent real replacement screen with warrant. suggests that this is often the sole technique to make sure that you just can get 100 percent real original screen and can get some restricted time warrant on the half.

Local fix-it shop In Your space

  • The 2d possibility is to travel to some native Saitelecom( shop in your Delhi “Sant nagar burari”, wherever you’ll get your Vivo Y72 repaired for a more robust value deal however this would possibly not guarantee smart quality half associate degreed an unreliable warrant. simply make certain that you just do not get fooled by a store World Health Organization claims to possess a original screen for a better value. does one very suppose he will have tie ups with Vivo and find original real elements from them? the sole manner these retailers will have a original screen is that if they took out the screen from another phone.

Do It Yourself

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