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How to know your iPhone has water damage?

iPhones from iPhone 7 onwards come with water resistance qualities. While water-resistant iPhones are less are at risk from water damage, the water can likely enter speakers. Under any circumstances, it isn’t always possible to save all parts of the iPhone from water damage. We as an iPhone repair service in Burari often see such an issue arising even in water-resistant models of iPhone.

The quality of speakers is highly renowned in apple products. Any water damage to the speakers can cause major issues in using the iPhone. Poor sound quality, inability to hear conversations properly and moisture causing problems in the charging jack are a few reported problems we have countered. Many of the users have also reported the inability to fix water damage after ejecting water from applications available online.

The reason for that is most of the consumers directly go for these shortcuts without realizing whether their iPhone speakers have water damage. There are a few simple steps to understanding whether your iPhone has water damage. Continue reading this quick hack below to understand whether you need a pocket-friendly reliable iPhone repair shop in Burari.

Steps to discover your iPhone speakers have water damage:

  1. Remove your iPhone case.
  2. Locate the SIM tray. 
  3. Open it with the sharp pin that comes with a brand new iPhone.
  4. Remove the entire SIM tray.
  5. Shine a light into the space.
  6. You will see either red dot/ color or sliver color/ no color

In case you see a red dot or red color, iPhone has water damage. Whatever issues arising in performance are likely because of this reason. This is the most appropriate time to search for “iPhone repair shop near me“. In case you see the silver color or no color, the problems in the performance of the iPhone are likely due to other reasons. Feel free to still search for an iPhone repair shop nearby.

While water resistance is a useful feature in iPhones there are some limitations to them. An iPhone 7 or above can be in water up to 1 meter deep and for no more than 30 minutes. The resistance can begin to wear off with regular use of the phone. In case the user spills other liquids on their iPhone, it is best to first wipe it clean with a fresh towel and check for performance issues.

Kaamfix recommends this easy method in case a user wants to find out the water damage status of their iPhone. If your iPhone does have water damage it is best to go to a reliable iPhone repair in Burari. In addition to correctly diagnosing the performance issue in the iPhone, the user also receives top-quality services such as a 90-day service warranty at a financially attractive investment. It is better to be safe than sorry once you have invested in a high-grade technology such as an iPhone. While there are certain things you can take care of on your own, for everything else there are always reliable iPhone repair services in Burari.