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How to unlock android mobile without losing data:

A locked android phone does not only leaves you without any access to the outside world but also blocks you from the data inside your phone. A scenario like this is mostly ghastly, and the last rescue we think is to put the phone on factory reset and lose all the data of the phone. What if there is a way to unlock an android mobile without losing the data? Considering that we are listing few methods to save your data while unlocking your android phone:

1. Unlock the android phone with a google account:

Though this method has its own limitations on the android handsets it is a foolproof way to unlock the phone and save your data as it only works for android version 4.4 or lower. You just need to put the wrong password 5 times and get a forget password notification at the bottom of the screen. Tap on that and login with your connected Google account details to reset a new password. Google’s find my phone service also comes in handy for many other brands. Once accessed from any other device it provides an option of lock my phone or erase. Selecting the option lock my phone gives you access to reset a password without asking for the old one.

2. Third-party apps:

To be prepared in advance for any mishaps such as forgetting your password, rely on third-party apps. Apps verified by your phone brand or created by them are the safest to use. They let you reset the password or remove it while you have them downloaded on your handset and are accessible through any other device with the registered account details or a USB connection between the mobile and computer. For certain brands they let you keep the data intact and for some, it is still no way to recover the data. Every third-party android unlocking software (app) comes with its own set of rules to follow and provides a guided introduction before you start working with them.

3. Go smart or go home:

The latest android handsets having android version 5.0 and above comes with an intelligent option of the smart lock. It can be activated from the security and location tab of settings. Activating it provides convenient options of unlocking the phone in particularly 4 ways which do not let you be stuck for the times when you forget your password and furthermore chances of avoiding any loss of data.

  • On-body detection: This option lets your phone gets unlocked as soon as it gets in touch with your body parts like hands or pockets etc.

  • Trusted Places: The addresses you are sure of to keep your phone unlocked, can be fed into the said option and your phone automatically gets unlocked as soon as you come anywhere near or be at the fed address. Example home or friend’s places.

  • Trusted Devices: High on more gadgets? make use of the Sync option with your trusted external devices like Bluetooth speaker/headphones or smartwatches and get your android device unlocked once you connect to any of the synced devices.

  • Voice Match: Have fun while saying “OK Google”, record your voice to let it get detected instead of always typing a pattern or inserting a pin to your android device. Just say ok google to unlock your mobile without any fear of getting locked out.

We hope the above information will help you enough to save your data while you are trying to unlock an android phone. Leave us comments below to get in touch with mobile repair shops in Burari.

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