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Ways to Unlock An Android Phone

How often is it that we get stuck with our android phones locked and there is nowhere to look at? Maybe not much, but when we do, it is a life devastating issue. The easiest solution you have is to contact Kaamfix, a mobile repair shop in Burari, New Delhi. They also bring you three superb ideas to try to unlock your android phone by yourself as the initial fix.

Method 1: Be ready with the smart lock option:

Okay, now the smart Lock option is a boon to the users of android version 5.o and above. The smart lock option can be activated from your phone settings by taping the security & lock screen/ location and smart lock option in there. You would be provided with maximum 4 options:

  1. On-body detection: Till the time phone is in contact with your body, would not be locked as soon as it leaves your body it would be locked in a matter of 1 minute. Again once it is in touch with your body it would unlock itself.

  2. Trusted Places: Same as body touch detection, you can fill in the details of your trusted places like home or office and when your phone will come in the closed vicinity of the established addresses it would be unlocked.

  3. Trusted Devices: Sync with trusted Bluetooth devices, like a smartwatch, fitness band etcetera lets you unlock your phone automatically as soon as they come in touch with already paired devices.

  4. Voice Match: Set up a voice match option in your voice with google assistant by saying “OK Google” on the voice match option in the smart lock or by tapping on the more option in google assistance.

Set up any of these options in advance to prevent any mishap of locking out of your android phone by chance.

Method 2: Use Forget Pattern/PIN trick:

If you are an android user of version 4.4 or older, this is the solution for you. You would be well versed by now that, if you enter a wrong password for 5 times your screen will pop up a message “Try after 30 seconds” and right then you click on the option forgot pattern on the bottom of the screen and after that follow the instructions to login into your google account and reset a new pattern/pin to unlock the android phone.

Method 3. Third Party apps:

Even though it is tuff to find a trusted third-party app that can keep your data secured and unlock your android phone when needed. Still, there are few trusted applications that can help you to unlock an android phone. These are to be recommended by your phone brand or created by them for additional services. You would be required to register with the app prior to avail of such facilities of tracking or unlocking your phone. The instructions have to be followed to reach the expected result after registering with the application.

Method 4. ADM (Android Device Manager):

This is the last rescue, incase nothing works. Yes, to surprise you all, android does take care of their customers in need with an amazing tool called ADM. The only thing you need to benefit from this service is a google account and you are all set to explore a new remote world to access your locked android phone.

The process is pretty simple just login to, select the device in question from your list of linked devices. And click on the erase data. This option will put your phone in a factory setting. This will obviously remove the screen lock as well, but the only drawback is that you end up losing your phone data as well along with the password.

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